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How Hard It Is To Push Nail into Wood? | Hydraulic Press Test!

Can you push nails into wood with powerful hydraulic press? and how much of force it's going to take? We will find out with our press and load cell. Here is link to my new gaming/streaming channel fitop.info/two/phh-YBNHq2Qa7oojJ1kIeg.html First live stream is today 9pm gmt+2! Check your local time from this link www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20190209T190000&p1=101
Our second channel fitop.info/two/veB47lgzZJ1WOf4XYVJNBw.html
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Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!!
Music Thor's Hammer-Ethan Meixell


  1. Hydraulic Press Channel

    Hydraulic Press Channel

    Vuosi sitten

    UPDATE! Do wan't to know does it take same amount of force with hammer?!?! Here is the answer fitop.info/build/videot/aIu3ldqdp5l_qn0

    • Liam


      Vuosi sitten

      @Ready Set React can you fluently speak and write in their language?

    • Rennie Ash

      Rennie Ash

      Vuosi sitten

      I’m guessing the force with the hammer momentarily spikes above the force required to push it in

    • Kalisto San

      Kalisto San

      Vuosi sitten

      @Ready Set React Awful lot of shit to be talking when you have 43 subs. Considering he has 2.1m... I guess people don't care about his grammar that much

    • ikarosrising1


      Vuosi sitten

      @SkrattZeRat I think it is beech wood.

    • Ready Set React

      Ready Set React

      Vuosi sitten

      zengrath Oh. I didn’t know he was Finnish. I thought it was just a typo.

  2. AdamosDad


    6 päivää sitten

    I'm glad you crushed that vicious Foo Bird, because as you see, if the Foo Shits you could wear it.

  3. I am never was & never will be

    I am never was & never will be

    9 päivää sitten

    You really nailed that beech 😉

  4. Mr Negativity

    Mr Negativity

    24 päivää sitten

    if you had kept pressing your homemade nail the amount of pressure would have gone up

  5. Austin Scott

    Austin Scott

    Uukausi sitten

    You should do a compilation video of all of the dangerous animals you’ve had to deal with!!

  6. G Jeevan Sendur

    G Jeevan Sendur

    Uukausi sitten

    Which is being tested

  7. Anand Agrawal

    Anand Agrawal

    2 kuukautta sitten

    Peacocks are the only sinless creature on planet Dont blame them for nothing they did wrong

  8. Real Surfer

    Real Surfer

    3 kuukautta sitten

    H😂😂😂haaa. How peacock is became the world's most dangerous bird?

  9. Johan Halberg

    Johan Halberg

    5 kuukautta sitten

    “And also I have impotent anusment”

  10. Swastik Biswas

    Swastik Biswas

    5 kuukautta sitten

    The wood is bitch

  11. Isaac Kotlicky

    Isaac Kotlicky

    6 kuukautta sitten

    The designation hardwood has to do with ecological factors and not the physical hardness of the wood.

  12. Arthur Sardelari Parro

    Arthur Sardelari Parro

    8 kuukautta sitten


  13. Daniel James Dove

    Daniel James Dove

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Put a ball baring inside a modeling clay peacock to crush it = exploding peacock

  14. Dio


    8 kuukautta sitten

    You really nailed it with this one, though you screwed up at the end there. ;)

  15. Tomasz Budnik

    Tomasz Budnik

    8 kuukautta sitten

    nice idea but I think stil is easier to buy hammer than hydraulic press :)

  16. Pekka Lehtonen

    Pekka Lehtonen

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Pystyisikö mittaamaan kuinka paljon voimaa tarvii naulan tai ruuvin irti vetäminen puusta? Se voisi olla mielenkiintoista, koska tietäisi paljon joku rakenne vaikka talossa kestää.

  17. Wizzle


    8 kuukautta sitten

    Good video, I guessed over 500 pounds for the first one, very interesting.

  18. Trent Fox

    Trent Fox

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Nailing your porch down? No problem let me just pull out my hydraulic press.

  19. The Musical Stylings of Brent Bunn

    The Musical Stylings of Brent Bunn

    8 kuukautta sitten

    I need nail 5 million in my life.

  20. Matthew Daugherty

    Matthew Daugherty

    9 kuukautta sitten

    The wood we have today is bitch

  21. momo


    9 kuukautta sitten

    Let's go Kimi raikkonen, valtteri bottas, and the best of all Mika hakkinen.

  22. Dr Shamim Mohammed

    Dr Shamim Mohammed

    9 kuukautta sitten

    Everybody gangsta till the nail start bending

  23. Christopher Roger

    Christopher Roger

    9 kuukautta sitten

    Nails are driven in by impaction forces, which far exceed constant velocity forces.

  24. Ruby Snow

    Ruby Snow

    9 kuukautta sitten

    1:39 You're welcome.

  25. Joshua Flack

    Joshua Flack

    9 kuukautta sitten

    oh golly that nail is sooooooo long

  26. Dave Holmes

    Dave Holmes

    9 kuukautta sitten

    Probably why joiners dont use hoodraulic presses.

  27. Mr Thief

    Mr Thief

    10 kuukautta sitten

    Hammering the nail with smashinator next.

  28. Aljaž Jesen

    Aljaž Jesen

    10 kuukautta sitten

    Are they from finland

  29. Derek Prado

    Derek Prado

    10 kuukautta sitten

    In what use does a bigass nail like the first one function??? Giant logs???

  30. 0MindSwept0


    10 kuukautta sitten

    This is somewhat interesting, but since hammering involves acceleration which is a slightly different property then it kind of changes the results that are seen here

  31. Xavier Paquin

    Xavier Paquin

    11 kuukautta sitten

    Pritti Gottam Close

  32. Прохор Прохоров

    Прохор Прохоров

    Vuosi sitten

    Видосы годные, но его акцент - это нечто. Кто ж он по нации?

  33. jcelldogs


    Vuosi sitten

    I need to build a deck, can I borrow your press?

  34. rawux1228


    Vuosi sitten

    So 300kg mcdonalds girl could push nails into a wood by stepping on them. This gave me some business idea...

  35. Bell Luna

    Bell Luna

    Vuosi sitten

    The nail upgraded from 5 million to 9 million in 1 second. Must have gone super sayain!

  36. Tony Mckelvy

    Tony Mckelvy

    Vuosi sitten

    Next time use shorter nails and screw. They should be less likely to bend.

  37. Joe Cruze

    Joe Cruze

    Vuosi sitten

    I love the whew-drraw- lihk-prrreshhhhh-chah-nil

  38. Zackery Madsen

    Zackery Madsen

    Vuosi sitten

    Me what to watch youtube ever wounder how much force to push a nail in me well I haven't bit now I do

  39. Joshua Norris

    Joshua Norris

    Vuosi sitten

    Bitch wood? I think he meant birch lol. Its a hardwood. :)

    • Joshua Norris

      Joshua Norris

      Vuosi sitten

      Much harder then SPF (spruce pine or furre),

  40. Jayden Smith

    Jayden Smith

    Vuosi sitten

    You should play warthunder on your new channel

  41. Dylan Winzeler

    Dylan Winzeler

    Vuosi sitten

    when i slam the hammer on my finger, this means 300kg😲😲

  42. Michael Exman

    Michael Exman

    Vuosi sitten

    how sharp the nail how hard the wood

  43. AverageRIDER55


    Vuosi sitten


  44. Conor Hogan

    Conor Hogan

    Vuosi sitten

    Silly goose! 😁 Why would you use a hydraulic press when you could just buy a hammer? It’s so much more efficient 🙂

  45. N Kliesow

    N Kliesow

    Vuosi sitten

    Physically you should use the unit newton, it is the force you need to push it into the wood. With speed you can calculate the energy in joule the hammer needs on specific weight. More interesting would be not the static friction the wood causes but more the dynamic friction (increased speed when pushing it into the wood).

  46. serbian 913

    serbian 913

    Vuosi sitten

    You should learn your english

  47. TFT


    Vuosi sitten

    How hard does your wife like the nail? She sound like 9 mil kinda lady 😉

  48. Some Guy

    Some Guy

    Vuosi sitten

    Make a nail-press. Just slam a strong nail onto the press and make holes in different things

  49. Maruthi Macha

    Maruthi Macha

    Vuosi sitten

    That would be easy with hammer.

  50. Thomas Andersen

    Thomas Andersen

    Vuosi sitten

    Pull the lever allready!!! Why os it that you have to use 60-90 seconds to explain in every clip?

  51. DavidTCE Ultra

    DavidTCE Ultra

    Vuosi sitten

    Crush a pizza and eat it.

  52. chris Brami

    chris Brami

    Vuosi sitten

    Carico di punta...

  53. Raspian Kiado

    Raspian Kiado

    Vuosi sitten

    So, me whacking a nail in is about 660 pounds of force. That's interesting.

  54. Muhammad Syah_17

    Muhammad Syah_17

    Vuosi sitten

    *Electric driller have left the chat*

  55. Komik Herif

    Komik Herif

    Vuosi sitten

    Next vid: How strong is a finger.

  56. TS


    Vuosi sitten

    3:53 It takes one ton to besh to push 5mm nail

  57. Lick


    Vuosi sitten

    I was lowkey hoping that the peacock was real and exploded it's guts everywhere

  58. wakko4flacco 123

    wakko4flacco 123

    Vuosi sitten

    "The wood we are going to use is bitch"

  59. FallenNarcotic


    Vuosi sitten

    "It would be really cool if it screwed itself" :D

  60. TheSunDrinker


    Vuosi sitten

    Every time I watch these I imagine it's professor Ludwig Von Drake talking to me....

  61. RedPain _

    RedPain _

    Vuosi sitten

    *hammer has left the chat*

  62. MaxTheDude


    Vuosi sitten

    That meter on the right confuses me... How can kilograms go to minus :D

  63. Gustav Gnöttgen

    Gustav Gnöttgen

    Vuosi sitten

    I always wondered about this stuff! We use old pallets for heating, and try to get rid of the nails so they don't clog the oven. I tried to invent some machinery for extracting partly thin and/or brittle nails. I even thought about using a rapid magnet, but I didn't get far with it.

  64. Kalpea Neekeri

    Kalpea Neekeri

    Vuosi sitten

    4:06 "and then the nail five million" 5 seconds later: "and then the nail nine million"

  65. Dominykas Zakrys

    Dominykas Zakrys

    Vuosi sitten

    so is it peach or birch ?

  66. Invader Zim

    Invader Zim

    Vuosi sitten

    600 LBS of force?! But why?!😫😫😭😭😔😔😔😔

  67. D Walrus

    D Walrus

    Vuosi sitten

    Wow that is so interesting that is incredible the pressure it takes to drive a nail into wood like wow, I would love to see how much pressure it would take for a bullet to punch through a piece of wood like that what kind of pressure would need to be applied for say a bullet comparable to 50 cal or 7.62 x 39 or 308 or 270 Winchester something like that would be extremely interesting, obviously he would have to machine a Bullet Head and then push it through with a high tensile steel bar behind the bullet, the steel bar and the bullet could be one piece I have seen the 7.62.39 punch through a tree 11 inches thick it was frightening two see the power needed, the pressure that must have been applied would be just phenomenal tons of pressure to push through like that

  68. James Smith

    James Smith

    Vuosi sitten

    "...hydraulic press gaming..." Pardon me?

    • Lim Kee Chee

      Lim Kee Chee

      Vuosi sitten

      Will it smash is a hydraulic press game lol

  69. Topsiekku


    Vuosi sitten

    Tässähän on veljekset keskinen miljoona idea. Mutta tässä vaan viisi miljoonaa aina.

  70. Omar Brsli

    Omar Brsli

    Vuosi sitten

    I cant read the word "pressure" properly anymore , it will always be "pressoura" for me , thank you Lauri

  71. Keith Mikell

    Keith Mikell

    Vuosi sitten

    Do more streams on the gaming channel!

  72. HabaneroPeanut Industries

    HabaneroPeanut Industries

    Vuosi sitten

    Can you push a nail into metal hydraulic press test!

  73. Dilly Doopsta

    Dilly Doopsta

    Vuosi sitten

    Now try your thumb nail!

  74. LionheartedDan


    Vuosi sitten

    Would love to see a comparison of nail driving force with various lubricants that people use - like spit, grease, etc.

  75. Kevin Skaggs

    Kevin Skaggs

    Vuosi sitten

    5:11 Was that what I thought it was? lol 😂

  76. DC Olds

    DC Olds

    Vuosi sitten

    Best way I learned to tell soft wood from hard is if you can cut it with your finger nail or not



    Vuosi sitten

    4:49 I can't believe y'all didn't push it all the way in, I'm thoroughly unsatisfied lol



      Vuosi sitten

      @Secant no but I knew it could be taken that way, I mostly said lol to make it sound less like I was upset about the video

    • Secant


      Vuosi sitten

      ... Is this double entendre intended?

  78. Nathan Forrester

    Nathan Forrester

    Vuosi sitten

    The wood that we are going to use is b****

  79. Big Deagle

    Big Deagle

    Vuosi sitten

    For the cavemen: *push nail into wood how hard*



      Vuosi sitten

      Is it bad that I totally understand that in one second

  80. KeyStroke


    Vuosi sitten

    Where can one purchase a Nail 5000™ ?

  81. MAST3RFARM3R227


    Vuosi sitten

    He's putting nails in the bitch wood

  82. crystal sheep

    crystal sheep

    Vuosi sitten

    ``we have to deal with it``

  83. Ms. Teechar

    Ms. Teechar

    Vuosi sitten

    6:47 Me when I see my report card.

  84. Matthew Niedbala

    Matthew Niedbala

    Vuosi sitten

    Beech is very freaking hard

  85. Purbayon Sarkar

    Purbayon Sarkar

    Vuosi sitten


  86. Jarome Jacksan

    Jarome Jacksan

    Vuosi sitten

    Mine os good too. I've used woodprix handbooks and build it with no problems.

  87. melanio673 youtuber

    melanio673 youtuber

    Vuosi sitten


  88. Eikku Nurminen

    Eikku Nurminen

    Vuosi sitten

    One ton 😂

  89. polgár Martin

    polgár Martin

    Vuosi sitten

    Im intresting about how much force need to pull out a screw of a wood?!

  90. Adam Wardrop

    Adam Wardrop

    Vuosi sitten

    Beach wood is very hard

  91. MrBigBoiLeo 06

    MrBigBoiLeo 06

    Vuosi sitten

    Juu mast juus te perkelen nokia tu get it trough

  92. Kaapo Erinko

    Kaapo Erinko

    Vuosi sitten

    Then the nail 500000000. Yep so now the nail 900000000😂😂

  93. Anoop Rana

    Anoop Rana

    Vuosi sitten

    Please dont suggest him real peacock !

  94. lucas vieira

    lucas vieira

    Vuosi sitten

    Alguém BR presente?

  95. Sewer Machine

    Sewer Machine

    Vuosi sitten

    That poor peacock.... He was like nooooo please dont kill me. 😥

  96. James Kurz

    James Kurz

    Vuosi sitten

    Me every time I see a hydraulic press thumbnail: “I NEED to see this”



    Vuosi sitten

    Now try to press a screw instead

  98. Peter Zehethofer

    Peter Zehethofer

    Vuosi sitten

    wich wood

  99. Giovani Versace

    Giovani Versace

    Vuosi sitten

    Can you take wet soil then squeeze it so hard that it becomes dry soil?

    • zdringy


      Vuosi sitten

      I think that water would evaporate due to pressure

  100. Amber Singh

    Amber Singh

    Vuosi sitten

    Crush aerogel