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How Much Weight Can Different Balls Hold? Hydraulic Press Test

How much weight can a golf ball can hold? We are going to test that with our 40 ton hydraulic press that is equipped with force sensor. We will also other balls to find out which is the hardest ball :D
Link to explodin balls video fitop.info/build/videot/naPDkrq10rR-2oU
Our second channel fitop.info/two/veB47lgzZJ1WOf4XYVJNBw.html
Our fan shop www.printmotor.com/hydraulicpresschannel/
officialhpc/ hydraulicpresschannel
Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!!
Music Thor's Hammer-Ethan Meixell


  1. Hydraulic Press Channel

    Hydraulic Press Channel

    2 vuotta sitten

    Here is link to our second channel fitop.info/two/veB47lgzZJ1WOf4XYVJNBw.html We have really good Christmas and New year's videos coming in next couple weeks!

    • Mystic Trainer

      Mystic Trainer

      Vuosi sitten

      Ootsä suomalaine?

    • dgibraltar


      2 vuotta sitten

      @Supercilious Dude YES!!! I was saying precisely that.

    • nanomachines son

      nanomachines son

      2 vuotta sitten

      cane your crush a pack of the steel-tipped playing cards with ballistic gelatin? see if they are little flying knives when the cards explode!

    • Deathrape2001


      2 vuotta sitten

      Stopped reading @ 'rated'. I already explained the basic physics behind Y it is important 2 have a large flat surface, not 1 that is smaller than the object being crushed, & U pretend not 2 understand because U R just a troll fishing 4 conflict 2 fill the empty hours of your life. U should find a better hobby =)



      2 vuotta sitten

      Have ur wife asked u XD

  2. Doug Alexander

    Doug Alexander

    8 päivää sitten

    Here for the extra content and how they deal with it.

  3. Matthew Poole

    Matthew Poole

    24 päivää sitten

    New shop looks very nice. How many tons is your biggest press?

  4. Chase Campbell

    Chase Campbell

    Uukausi sitten

    4:34 is me in the bathroom after thanksgiving dinner

  5. Lord Feish

    Lord Feish

    2 kuukautta sitten

    Cock and ball torture hpc style

  6. Don S

    Don S

    3 kuukautta sitten

    Golf balls are made to take the swinging head of a hard metal club. So a press is nothing.

  7. Murat Karabeyaz

    Murat Karabeyaz

    3 kuukautta sitten

    All that technology & tape lol

  8. Luke 94

    Luke 94

    3 kuukautta sitten

    A golf ball is a thing that gets hit by a lump of metal travelling at almost 100mph. It’s gonna be able to take a lot of force 🤣

  9. G.A Vivek

    G.A Vivek

    6 kuukautta sitten

    Forgot Cricket ball??

  10. Antonio Popovski

    Antonio Popovski

    7 kuukautta sitten

    5:02 ive heard pittu in my summer car game haha

  11. IVeverm0re


    7 kuukautta sitten

    No football?

  12. Shsgagag Shegsgsgsg

    Shsgagag Shegsgsgsg

    7 kuukautta sitten

    03:00 1100lbs? wtf? it was 11k lbs

  13. Kraepelin


    8 kuukautta sitten

    ball full of shit 9:26

  14. Sulthan Mahmud

    Sulthan Mahmud

    9 kuukautta sitten

    6:13 imagine you hear this when you're alone

  15. f o

    f o

    9 kuukautta sitten

    "Its a bit like baseball but not" lol

  16. Raul Raz

    Raul Raz

    9 kuukautta sitten

    I was closing my eyes waiting for that golf ball to blow up

  17. Duong Nguyen

    Duong Nguyen

    9 kuukautta sitten

    “Hoe lee shiet”

  18. sad_ boi_ hours

    sad_ boi_ hours

    10 kuukautta sitten

    All boomers hate their wi-

  19. joseph jeon

    joseph jeon

    10 kuukautta sitten

    I wouldve LOVED science classes if this guy was my teacher

  20. Emik Zotic

    Emik Zotic

    11 kuukautta sitten

    5:57 if you left the pump attached to the ball you could have watched the pressure inside it rise.

  21. Cold Snap

    Cold Snap

    11 kuukautta sitten

    Good grief, Finland has some TOUGH golf and tennis balls! By the way, thanks for crushing a pesapallo ball--it's why I came here. As an American, Finland's take on baseball fascinates me. I just wish I spoke the language so I could keep up with the sport more.

  22. Brendan Early

    Brendan Early

    11 kuukautta sitten

    The golf ball broke at 4800k

  23. Reredrum


    Vuosi sitten

    Does your force sensor have any way to measure midichlorian count also?

  24. Jassius Clay

    Jassius Clay

    Vuosi sitten

    Please don’t talk! You have awful accent and you talk too much and especially here we go makes me crazy

  25. Rick Bergles

    Rick Bergles

    Vuosi sitten

    Let your wife make a cameo appearance! What a cute laugh she has.

  26. Kamal Saba

    Kamal Saba

    Vuosi sitten

    Plz do with cricket ball

  27. Rohan Gajurel

    Rohan Gajurel

    Vuosi sitten

    Your accent is so cool 😎

  28. Saji baskar

    Saji baskar

    Vuosi sitten

    Why don't you keep sensor at the bottom instead of bandaging it?

  29. kainush iranzamini

    kainush iranzamini

    Vuosi sitten

    try to crush diamond

  30. guillepankeke


    Vuosi sitten

    Its ok, my birthday present was a finnish baseball ball.

  31. Chris2008


    Vuosi sitten

    I’m glad that he didn’t crush my balls.

  32. Roman Blecha

    Roman Blecha

    Vuosi sitten

    "its kinda like baseball ...but its not baseball" :D



    Vuosi sitten

    balls of steel

  34. Falk Salt

    Falk Salt

    Vuosi sitten

    8:30 they failed... im sad now

  35. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler

    Vuosi sitten

    Now santa will deal with you.

  36. SciSaif


    Vuosi sitten

    Press guy: I thought it was going to be 500 kg or something Golf ball: I am going to end this man's whole career

  37. Bytheemperor


    Vuosi sitten

    It is like baseball, but it isn't baseball :v

  38. Topsiekku


    Vuosi sitten

    garace 54 channel use footballs cars springs

  39. John Striker

    John Striker

    Vuosi sitten

    6:19 Going to the bathroom after you've had that bean barrito for lunch xD

  40. A A

    A A

    Vuosi sitten

    What about CRICKET BALL?

  41. James A

    James A

    Vuosi sitten

    I didn't want any play-do no how. :'(

  42. Lad


    Vuosi sitten

    Humans, the only species that loves pressing/ destroying stuff for a laugh

  43. Bri Ba

    Bri Ba

    Vuosi sitten

    Chuck Norris' Prince Ruperts will break your machine and everything in a 20 km radius.

  44. Adam Kendall

    Adam Kendall

    Vuosi sitten

    Crush some live bullets

  45. Tony Gilbert

    Tony Gilbert

    Vuosi sitten

    Instant Subscriber! I love it

  46. Crawfish520


    Vuosi sitten

    What about hockey pucks frozen and room temp

  47. Justin Wilson

    Justin Wilson

    Vuosi sitten

    Sorry Wilson!!

  48. Big Daddy Piccolae

    Big Daddy Piccolae

    Vuosi sitten

    Who else was waiting for that golf ball to explode

  49. Franky Broadcast

    Franky Broadcast

    Vuosi sitten

    My old dog used to crack golf balls open in his mouth. R.I.P. Juvie.

  50. kevytolo addikti

    kevytolo addikti

    Vuosi sitten

    This rallienglanti is very good

  51. Gr8rspy 31255

    Gr8rspy 31255

    Vuosi sitten

    I don’t like like this title

  52. Mert Lad

    Mert Lad

    Vuosi sitten

    My balls can hold the most as they are made of steel 😏

  53. Axu Sieppi

    Axu Sieppi

    Vuosi sitten

    6:10 with 0,25

  54. iplayvirtualbeggar


    Vuosi sitten

    5:04 swearword

  55. vicious mozzarella stick

    vicious mozzarella stick

    Vuosi sitten

    50% hydraulic press 50% *thicc* accent

  56. Guest Lavender

    Guest Lavender

    Vuosi sitten

    He said “while some epic shit is going” Me:🤣🤣

  57. Norm Hiscock

    Norm Hiscock

    Vuosi sitten

    2:03 "Holy shit that's hard!!!" "Aaaaaaahhh!!!"

    • vicious mozzarella stick

      vicious mozzarella stick

      Vuosi sitten

      that's what she said ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  58. johnny syjonsky

    johnny syjonsky

    Vuosi sitten

    When I have one mistake on my bookmarks ticket, I I would like to do the same this balls :P ---- You should destroyed "pokeball" for fun ;)

  59. REMBS ACCOUNT DEMOLISHER 84017268204765


    Vuosi sitten

    6:19 ww2 flashbacks

  60. svijayiitk


    Vuosi sitten

    3:00 That is 11000 lbs. You forgot the other zero

  61. Dark Shark

    Dark Shark

    Vuosi sitten

    Rally english

  62. Siłauderzenia


    Vuosi sitten

    change sampling rate now is to low =when hpress start move faster kgmeter dont show good fast changing force but just when it start to have big resist and slow down period

  63. CaRtSkEy5150


    Vuosi sitten


  64. Franky Broadcast

    Franky Broadcast

    Vuosi sitten

    My dog used to demolish golf balls with his mouth. I remember the first time I gave him one. Within minutes I hear a high pitch squealing sound. I look at him and he's squeezing it with his back teeth, just like the hydraulic press. All of a sudden, boom, and he actually popped it. I couldn't believe it, but he did it regularly after that. I miss my boy so much. Great dog. RIP JUVIE

  65. Vivid thespis

    Vivid thespis

    Vuosi sitten

    Cricket: am I a joke to you?

  66. Daniel Lindsley

    Daniel Lindsley

    Vuosi sitten

    That tennis ball surprised me. I was expecting it to pop as soon as it hit 200 kg!

  67. Ept 23

    Ept 23

    Vuosi sitten


  68. Tia Wapang

    Tia Wapang

    Vuosi sitten

    Would love to see it with a Cricket ball.

  69. Timothy Hyer

    Timothy Hyer

    Vuosi sitten

    The Golf ball got up to 10568 lbs.

  70. Rainbow Rose Media

    Rainbow Rose Media

    Vuosi sitten

    Include cricket ball too

  71. dbltrplx


    Vuosi sitten

    I know how much weight my balls hold Lol

  72. Prades' World of Racketlon

    Prades' World of Racketlon

    Vuosi sitten

    Do it with a new plastic table tennis ball, might shatter and look cool (40+)

  73. Dr BarbequeSauce

    Dr BarbequeSauce

    Vuosi sitten

    Lauri: "Today we are going to crush some balls" Me: *Shudders*

  74. 1000subs but only subscriber specials

    1000subs but only subscriber specials

    Vuosi sitten

    However many likes this comment gets is how many times he said Holy shit 👇

  75. JCJR


    Vuosi sitten

    So the moral of the story is, there is no way that Odd Job in Goldfinger could have possibly crushed a real golf ball in the way he did in the film.

  76. Buffalo Theory

    Buffalo Theory

    Vuosi sitten

    the strongest cellophane tape in the world

  77. Krishanu Dev

    Krishanu Dev

    Vuosi sitten

    5:50 the football one

  78. Sayantan Saha

    Sayantan Saha

    Vuosi sitten

    You guys should try crushing a cricket ball. Those things are very hard!

  79. chataraju Koushik

    chataraju Koushik

    Vuosi sitten

    Try it with cricket ball

  80. Sudhir kumar

    Sudhir kumar

    Vuosi sitten

    You should have tested cricket ball(leather).

  81. Ccoolflamexxz


    Vuosi sitten

    Every time I wacht this I think it’s power rangers

  82. TEKNO


    Vuosi sitten

    Yor accent is beautifur, I admirer you

  83. Frans xescoli

    Frans xescoli

    Vuosi sitten

    Aaaand... Here we golf. 01:24

  84. jenita hämäläinen

    jenita hämäläinen

    Vuosi sitten

    Teil on huono englanti

  85. Sandhya Vk

    Sandhya Vk

    Vuosi sitten

    Try cricket. Ball

  86. Jenil bavda

    Jenil bavda

    Vuosi sitten

    2:05 aaahh

  87. Dmitriy Lisitsyn1

    Dmitriy Lisitsyn1

    Vuosi sitten

    Try with a bowling ball

  88. fLO


    Vuosi sitten

    you sound like hitler

  89. SALMAS


    Vuosi sitten

    Ελληναράδες ειστε αφου..

  90. atomic space paradox

    atomic space paradox

    Vuosi sitten

    Mine can carry more.

  91. Nova I Fire

    Nova I Fire

    Vuosi sitten

    Best Channel i Love it

  92. ila Oscar

    ila Oscar

    Vuosi sitten

    Try it with cricket ball

  93. Giulio Gismondi

    Giulio Gismondi

    Vuosi sitten

    Newton, not Kg

  94. Admiral1940


    Vuosi sitten

    The works of a Russian.

  95. Асанали Ерболсын

    Асанали Ерболсын

    Vuosi sitten

    This soccer ball is cheap, professional balls better

  96. I.O-King Gaming

    I.O-King Gaming

    Vuosi sitten

    Who else laughed when he said holy shit 😂🤣🤣

  97. [R]enegade


    Vuosi sitten

    1:54 Me when i go poop to the Bathroom.

  98. Eklipse 96

    Eklipse 96

    Vuosi sitten

    Bowling and rugby?

  99. Νικόλαος Παπαδόπουλος

    Νικόλαος Παπαδόπουλος

    Vuosi sitten

    You forgot the testicles

  100. Taavihno J

    Taavihno J

    Vuosi sitten

    Houly shet!